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Bailey Knox: Our Sexy Tape Zipset Hardcore Video

Breaking Update: August 5, 2017
This Bailey Knox sextape video was originally released on April 20, 2016, but it was only available for a limited time and only if you were a member of her site. Well, as of today, EVERYONE can download it on this new site, Premium Wins!

Bailey Knox Sextape Hardcore Video

Sweet, innocent Bailey Knox finally took that big leap from non nude “glamour” model to handjobs to full-on fucking!

This is her first ever hardcore video. It’s been rumored to exist, and it’s finally here! This very special zipset is beyond epic, so it is only available to her members to purchase. If you are not already a member, don’t worry — you just have to join her site first.

At nearly 35 minutes of Bailey Knox having sex all the way to a facial (sorry for the spoiler), it’s a dream come true. Yes, the cock is real and not pixelated in the full HD video! I know you guys need to see that for authenticity purposes. I vouch that Bailey does indeed fuck a real dick in this zipset! #nodildo

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Bailey Knox: 2 Horny 4 the Challenge Video

Bailey Knox: 2 Horny 4 the Challenge Gif If you think this is a screencap from the Bailey Knox sextape released back in April, you’d be wrong! This is actually a brand new video of Bailey doing the Mannequin Challenge which is the latest meme sweeping YouTube! Basically, people strike a pose and hold very still as the camera pans over them.

Bailey’s take on this challenge has her completely nude and engaged in various intimate and sexual positions with a lucky fellow in still poses like, well, a mannequin. My favorites are the doggy style scenes! Woah!
Bailey Knox: 2 Horny 4 the Challenge Video

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Nikki Sims: Dont Wanna Do Anything Video

Nikki Sims don’t wanna do anything in her newest video…except suck cock! That’s right, Nikki Sims crosses over to the hardcore darkside and gives a blowjob on camera!

She starts off wearing a bra in the bathroom, before flopping into bed between her man’s legs. He insists they have to get some work done, but she has other ideas. She slips her hand up his boxer shorts, getting that reluctant dick nice and hard. The only work Nikki Sims is doing tonight is with her mouth! Holy fuck, I can’t believe this exists!

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Lily XO: Lily Does Ted Video

Well, it fappened. Lily XO fucked her teddy bear, Ted. Here’s the sextape! I hope I don’t get sued for posting this video like Gawker, brother!

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Brooke Marks: Cam Ghost Sex Tape Zipset Video

Dropping with even more anticipation than the Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie, the new Brooke Marks zipset video is finally available for download!
brooke-marks-cam-ghost-sex-tape-zipset-video Brooke discovered she had an uninvited roommate of the supernatural kind last year. It started out as just a minor haunting, until the ghost finally revealed herself (literally) during one of Brooke’s camshows. As this Halloween approached, though, the paranormal activity grew to epic proportions.

Cam Ghost grew vengeful and angry; probably due to the cable always being out. She went after innocent Bailey Knox with an enchanted Hypnatchi vibrator. Then the ghost turned her powers on Brooke’s celebrity pillowcase of Nicholas Cage: bringing it to life and making it multiply like Gremlins every time it got wet. But, Cam Ghost took her ultimate revenge on Brooke Marks by shooting a secret sex tape with the Nic Cage pillows on Brooke’s bed!

This is 30-minutes of the craziest and sexiest (and spookiest) Brooke Marks video you have ever seen! You have to be a member of her site to purchase it, but it’s great! Check out the first few minutes right here for free…

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Brooke Marks: Joker & Harley Quinn Sex Tape Fail Video

Brooke Marks cosplayed as Harley Quinn to help the Clown Prince of Crime…explore his balloon fetish? Actually, this free YouTube video (paying homage to Mark Hamill’s amazing animated voiceover portrayal) is a lot more entertaining than whatever the fuck Jared Leto is over there doing to The Joker!

There’s also an extended, naughty and nude version!

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Misty Gates: Misty & Whale Sextape 2014 Zipset Video

misty-gates-misty-whale-sextape-2014-zipset-video Back in 2008, Misty Gates had a sextape with her boyfriend leaked onto the internet. Her boyfriend at the time was a Killer Whale. Yes, a WHALE! And not the internet-troll-in-his-mom’s-basement-living-off-cheetos kind of whale, but a true orca. So, I guess actually not a whale, at all, but nevermind that!

Anyways, they had a falling out after she started her website. Whale has tried to move on with his life, but his internet fame as a cross-species pornstar has followed him around. Even preventing him from getting work at Seaworld. Misty Gates, on the other hand, has not forgotten about his huge whale cock. Like they say: once you go Blackfish, you never go back!

So, when fate brings them back together, Misty and Whale decide to say “fuck it” — literally — and make one epic sequel. This time in HD!

Click here to download this hilarious 30-minute sextape of Misty and her Whale! Act now and you even get the original 2008 version as a bonus!

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