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Sandy Summers is The Disney Collector?

I don’t know how many of you remember Sandy Summers, but she was a busty blonde model that was pretty popular long before I started NIPS. First appearing nude in 2005, she bounced around a few personal solo sites before eventually disappearing off the radar around 2011. Her last official tweet being January 10, 2011. While it’s true a lot of models pack it in and fade into obscurity, we may now know what Sandy has been up to these past few years!

I do have to start off saying, this could be a rumor. It’s from the third-party source, so take it as such. I’m no Brian Williams reporting the news here. But, a story broke on the Daily Mail UK website earlier today that Sandy Summers is, indeed, the famous DC Toys Collector (aka Disney Collector) on YouTube! At over 3 million subscribers, she would be the mastermind behind one of the most subscribed YouTube channels and an estimated $5 million a year empire!
The identity of DC Toys Collector was one of the best kept secrets online. Only showing her hands in the videos, she became a YouTube sensation unwrapping and playing with various small toys, mostly Disney brands. The only real clue to her identity was her broken English commentary. Sandy Summers coming from Brazil would support this theory even more.

Daily Mail goes a lot more in depth; even comparing a small scar and mole on her elbow to screen caps in the videos. That’s great if she found success, but I know with what kind of toys you really want to see Sandy Summers play…

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