Misty Gates: Misty & Whale Sextape 2014 Zipset Video

misty-gates-misty-whale-sextape-2014-zipset-video Back in 2008, Misty Gates had a sextape with her boyfriend leaked onto the internet. Her boyfriend at the time was a Killer Whale. Yes, a WHALE! And not the internet-troll-in-his-mom’s-basement-living-off-cheetos kind of whale, but a true orca. So, I guess actually not a whale, at all, but nevermind that!

Anyways, they had a falling out after she started her website. Whale has tried to move on with his life, but his internet fame as a cross-species pornstar has followed him around. Even preventing him from getting work at Seaworld. Misty Gates, on the other hand, has not forgotten about his huge whale cock. Like they say: once you go Blackfish, you never go back!

So, when fate brings them back together, Misty and Whale decide to say “fuck it” — literally — and make one epic sequel. This time in HD!

Click here to download this hilarious 30-minute sextape of Misty and her Whale! Act now and you even get the original 2008 version as a bonus!

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