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Misty Gates LEAKED Private Pics

It’s been a tumultuous month for Misty Gates on social media. First, she uncovered that spooky backwards message. Support flooded in as fans tried their best to rally her spirits, and these efforts seemed to pay off, with Misty even announcing plans to hit the dating scene again after a long time of keeping herself off the market.

This drew the ire of Misty’s ex-boyfriend (and former sex tape co-star). A no-holds barred Twitter-feud ensued between Misty and Whale, so the source of these leaked pictures might surprise no one.

Whale shopped these pictures around to various media outlets. We knew you guys would be eager to see them, so we went all in, beating out the likes of TMZ and YDG. Enjoy this exclusive glimpse into Misty’s new relationship, as well as, her sexy attempts to stoke the fires of an old flame.

It’s a shame Eduardo is still AWOL. He would surely be furious, if he’s not already rolling in his grave somewhere!

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