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Zishy: Paula Swenson Is Waterproof

Paula Swenson nude in the shower. Doesn’t get much better than this girl! Check out dat ass!

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Zishy: Nolwenn Glass Zishy Bubbles

Nolwenn Glass gets her perky tits and phat ass wet in the Airbnb Zishy pool in Ojai, California. Total cutie!

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Lex Nai: The Two Towels Video

I had high hopes when Lex Nai debuted exactly a year ago this month. But by September, her site stopped updating. As most tend to do. She probably got a new boyfriend, or something like that. That’s cool. So, here we start the slow death-march of trickled updates of “found” videos (the Two Towels photo gallery was released last May) that were never posted when it mattered. This is the adult business in 2018. Stay in college, kids!

That said, Lex Nai did have some great boobs. Check them out busting out from under her towel freshly nude post shower!

If you don’t want to join her site for this one video, you can download it without the membership on Premium Wins.

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Lex Nai: Two Towels

Busty Lex Nai uses two towels after her hot shower: one on her head and one to cover her wet nude body. One of those towels slips onto the floor in her new gallery. Can you guess which one? Here’s a hint…you get some nice peeks at her juicy ass!

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Kari Sweets: Shower Cyclone Ultimate Collection Video

This has been the most requested Kari Sweets video to be remastered for her Ultimate Collection. It is videos like this for which the Collection was created!

Shower Cyclone is actually two videos combined into one, rereleased completely uncut and uncensored. Kari Sweets drops her towel and goes full nude behind the clear shower curtain. It doesn’t take long for her to get daring and excited and pull the shower curtain to the side…just check out this gif!

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Cosmid: Jaime: Putting On Lotion Video

Super busty and voluptuous Jaime films herself rubbing lotion all over her big boobs after taking a shower.

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