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Kari Sweets: Pole Exposure Ultimate Collection

The Ultimate Collection takes us back to when Kari Sweets rode the stripper pole! I never get out to the strip bar. I live in the suburbs, so the local strippers tend to be of a lower aesthetic than in the busty bustling cities. But if I knew Kari Sweets was stripping anywhere, I’d book that flight! Seeing her grab that pole in pasties and a sheer thong causes a lot of other pole grabbing, that’s for sure!

This Ultimate gallery contains 42 never-before-seen uncensored pics added to the original 58. I’ll tell you right now, as hot as the original release was, all the best and sheerest photos were held back until now!

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Meet Madden: GO GO Dancer

Go, go dancing Madden!

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Nikki Sims: Black Light Stripper

Well after seeing this new gallery to go along with Friday’s Black Light Stripper video, I guess Nikki Sims wasn’t topless after-all. She was just wearing some really small pasties, and when she pulled her shirt down, the angle and the lighting created a niptastic illusion. That’s some movie-making magic, right there! It’s still real to me, dammit!

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Nikki Sims: Black Light Stripper Video

nikki-sims-black-light-stripper-video Nikki Sims strips under a blacklight. This trailer is short because I’m not really allowed to show Nikki’s nipples. But trust me, this video does not disappoint. When the free preview ends there’s another two and a half minutes of Nikki Sims topless!

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Nikki Sims: Stripper

Nikki Sims shows her sexy skills at the stripper pole! The price of joining her website is less than two lap dances and you get years worth of high resolution pictures and HD videos for days of entertainment. Better than blowing your money at the local strip bar on girls you kind of feel sorry for! Like the Bloodhound Gang say, “A Lapdance is So Better When the Stripper is Crying.”

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