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Nikki Sims: Been Bad Video

Nikki Sims did a bad bad thing and needs to be disciplined. She gets bent over in a thong and takes her spanking like a good girl. Maybe too good, even? She seems to really enjoy each stiff hit with that paddle as her tight ass glows red.

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Kari Sweets: Spank Me Daddy Part II Ultimate Collection Video

kari-sweets-spank-me-daddy-part-ii-ultimate-collection-video Kari Sweets is getting a major spanking in her newest Ultimate Collection video! Spank Me Daddy Part II features Kari in a short skirt, not listening to her “teacher”. The spanking punishment coming after she’s caught with drawings that would make even Bill Cosby cringe, revealing her intention to roofie her teacher.

I’m not kidding about that!

The most interesting thing we find out in this video, though, is Kari Sweets may not like to be spanked that hard! While she tries to stay in character, the repeated slaps of the plastic hand against her bare tender ass become too much for her to take. She even states flat out, “I don’t like it!” Then, desperate to get out of her punishment, she insists, “my ass is already red!” But, the spankings continue, as she starts dodging her butt away trying to force the scene to end.

Kari plays the role of a naughty brat very convincingly. Perhaps she’s even too convincing! I can’t tell how much she is playing, how much she is annoyed at the intensity of the spanks, or how much she is really a kinky little minx under all that cute girl-next-door facade.

This video has been extended over double its original length to 7:35. While you get to enjoy Kari Sweets’ thong sliding up her ass and pussy with each slap against her bare ass, the real fun is watching these rare outtake negotiations about how hard she is getting spanked!

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Nikki Sims: Spanking Orgasm Video

Nikki Sims gets bent over with a remote controlled vibrator stuffed down her panties and spanked hard till she orgasms. Holy crap!

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Brooke Marks : Punishing Bailey Knox for Camshow Slips Video

brooke-marks-punishing-bailey-knox-for-camshow-slips-video Brooke Marks spanks Bailey Knox for being naughty and showing her nipples during her camshows. Brooke is ready with her paddle, and makes Bailey bend over on the couch with her ass up. But Miss Knox just can’t stop flashing and shows even more than her nips while Brooke is disciplining her! This is a very hot video starring two of my favorite models!

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