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Bailey Knox: Masturbating with Markers Premium Wins Collection

Back in 2015, Bailey Knox released a special video entitled Oh My Markers where she masturbates with markers. As the story goes, Bailey Knox was still living at home when she was a mere 18, and just starting out on her website. She was too embarrassed to hide sex toys in her bedroom, so she turned to markers. Yes, regular old Crayola markers she’d otherwise use to draw unicorns or rainbows!

She had even experimented with them during her early live webcam shows, which you can now download the whole collection on Premium Wins! Here’s the rundown…

Video 1: Bailey Knox: Testing My MarkersBailey Knox: Testing My Markers

This is the camshow that started it all! In just her third week camming, a young 18-year-old Bailey Knox reveals to her members her fondess for art supplies when she fucks herself with her mom in the next room!

Video 2: Bailey Knox: Cumming On My MarkersBailey Knox: Cumming On My Markers

This time highlighters are the tool of choice as, again, Bailey Knox maturbates for her members live on webcam.

Video 3: Bailey Knox: Masturbating with Markers

This was the last appearance of the markers on webcam, but Bailey really went wild fucking herself in one of her most famous camshows of her early days!

It wasn’t until many years later that fans finally got to see Bailey Knox masturbate with markers in a true HD video! But, as mentioned earlier, they got their wish in 2015 with the Oh My Markers Zipset Video! A true classic that you can also now download on Premium Wins!

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Nikki Sims: Highlight Video

Nikki Sims turns on the black light and highlights her nipples. X marks the nips!

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Bailey Knox: Oh My Markers Zipset Video

Bailey Knox: Oh My Markers Zipset Video
Once upon a time, Bailey Knox was an 18-year-old girl just starting off as an internet model. When her site first opened, she didn’t even own any sex toys. She was still living at home with her parents, and didn’t want mom and dad to find them when they were snooping in her bedroom. So, during her early camshows, she had to improvise.

One of her most famous webcam experiments involved some Crayola markers and her tight little pussy. At the request of her fans, Bailey has decided to draw you a diagram of those legendary nights. Starting with her nipples and working her way down her nude body; she enjoys every marker of the color spectrum.

This NEW zip recaptures that nostalgia of Bailey Knox during her newbie booby days, while she looks hotter than ever masturbating with her favorite color! 12-Minutes of HD video and over 60 photos available now!

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