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Nikki Sims: Pillow Talk Video

Nikki Sims wants you to relax, and rest your head on her big boobs after a long, hard day. Everyone needs a bosom for a pillow. Hot JOI (Jerk Off Encouragement) video with Nikki topless under a loose robe.

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Kate Winn: Bathroom Voyeur Jerk Off Encouragement Zipset

kate-winn-bathroom-voyeur-jerk-off-encouragement-zipset-video Kate Winn catches you peeping on her bath. While she scolds you for the invasion, she secretly enjoys the attention. She wants you to want her to look her big boobs. There is just a little price for admission: you have to do whatever she commands! And, what Kate Winn wants is for you to take your cock out and stroke it just for her. She encourages you to jerk off for her, and keep going until she feels you got enough pleasure out of looking at her nude body in the bath! Finally, letting you finally cum for her.

This is a hot new 15-minute premium JOI video from Kate Winn and you can download it now for just $15!

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Sexy Pattycake: Poodle Your Noodle Limited Time Only Video

Pattycake tries her hand (literally) at the jerkoff influence fetish for her newest limited time only video. You get to see her stroke a very realistic looking cock, but the real fun of this video is hearing Pattycake talk you through it. Hear her tell you when you can finally cum for her! She wants you to! She encourages it!

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Kate Winn: Jerk Off Encouragement Zipset Video

kate-winn-jerk-off-encouragement-zipset-video Kate Winn just released a new zipset that is even hotter than her first! She is laying down nude in her bed, knowing how hard she is getting you. She doesn’t want you to ache. This pretty girl has a dirty mouth and a filthy mind. She wants to you jerk off to her, in fact, she encourages it! Check out this really hot 7-minute video, with 32 high resolution pics of Kate Winn talking to you while she pretends her big dildo is your hard cock!

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