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Sexy Pattycake: Bird Boxing Pick Your Price Premium Video

The Bird Box movie on Netflix, starring Sandra Bullock and her foreskin face, has spawned a wealth of memes. None more ubiquitous than the Bird Box Challenge, where participants blindfold themselves, like the characters in the movie, and try to carry out various tasks for up to 24-hours. Like driving a car, for instance! This dangerous behavior has been disavowed by Netflix and immediately banned from YouTube!

Not one to shy away from controversy, and already having been banned from YouTube, Pattycake gives her take on the challenge by masturbating blindfolded. Can she find the right hole when she’s bent over and her hand reaches back? Is there even a “right hole” when it comes to a finger or two? This is a special “Pick Your Price” video where members can choose what they wish to pay! Also, only available for a Limited Time Only!

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Meet Madden: Handcuffs

It looks like Madden is really excited about Fifty Shades Darker opening in theaters on February 10. Check out this fit tan blonde enjoying some light bondage in handcuffs.

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Bailey Knox: Taste Tests Video

bailey-knox-taste-tests-video01 Bailey Knox is known more as a wild party girl than for her exquisite tastes, so it’s a lot of fun to see her do a blind taste test between cheap snacks and expensive delicacies.

Blindfolded, she compares champagnes, wines, cheeses and meats. A $6 bottle of J.Roget to a $200 bottle of Dom Perignon. McKEnzie-Mueller against Gallo Family Sweet Red from a gas station.

By the time she’s done wine tasting, she is getting drunk and strips down to her skimpy bikini. Check out that “boob mic”.

We then find out her perfect cheese is made by Slim Jim, as is her favorite meat. Snap into the video below!


But wait, there’s more! Her final test is a little too hot for YouTube. She experiences a $6 Magic Bullet vibrator before taking on a fancy G Vibe 2 that retails for a whopping $145! You gotta join her site for the full UNCENSORED video to see which of those makes Bailey Knox cum! OMG!


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