Kari Sweets: Afternoon Surprise Ultimate Collection

Kari Sweets hit the internet before smart phones and before the word “selfie” was so prevalent they put it in the dictionary. Back then, girls didn’t really carry around cameras to post their every waking moment on Instagram. They usually had a small compact camera, like the Canon PowerShot S400, in their bedroom to take sexy photos of themselves nude or in lingerie, but, in most cases, we would never get to see them.

Fappening type of hacks were very rare and very isolated, so when these kinds of self-shot pics would show up online, it was always a treat. Not that it still isn’t, it just was a much bigger deal prior to the iPhone.

So, needless to say, Kari Sweets selfie galleries were some of the favorites of her fans. She always seemed to be having more fun without her regular photographer. This re-release of Afternoon Surprise into the Ultimate Collection has her in bed in a sexy pink bra and thong. There are 14 never-before-seen pics that were added and the photos are finally available uncensored and at their full resolution!

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