Introducing Nips Customs – Beta Test

Let’s try something new, shall we?

I’ve worked in this industry for a long time. I help Pattycake with her server and I have even shot content for Bailey Knox, Alisa Kiss and a couple other sites.

Anyways, I tend to shoot a lot of other content that never sees the light of day. It is usually with models I want to test for a paysite, but for whatever reason, I decide it’s not a good fit. Besides the stereotypical drama reasons you’d expect, it is usually more like the traveling distance, they can’t be exclusive, or the model is nervous about being all over the internet.

So, I want to try something new. Customs!

The basic idea is instead of creating content I choose to feed a membership site that anyone can see, you would be funding content YOU want to see! And very little people will have access to ever see it. Little people as in a low number of people, not as in like Warwick Davis. To be clear, I would totally let him be a part of this, if he’s a fan.

It’s sort of like Kickstarter but to see nips. Nipsstarter?

It will not be cheap. Just to rent an ok place to shoot for one day is at least $250! Then you pay the model, travel, etc. One day of shooting can go well over $1000 and that isn’t even getting into the editing time in post production.

I know there are some people out there looking for more than I currently offer here on Lately, I’ve only had 5 active models to post, and the newest one of those opened her site 5 years ago.

Right now I am just putting together an email list that I will send out when I am shooting a new prospective model. Then out of those people who fund a shoot, they will be given a chance to see all the shoots funded that month by everyone.

It will not be a membership site that just anyone can join, it will be more like an exclusive secret club. Fidelio.

Nude, non nude, solo, tease, pinup, fetish…if you enjoy this type of content and have the means to fund it, please send me an email and give me your thoughts.

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