Nikki Sims: Laudry Day

So, I think my theory that Nikki Sims only does the laundry for the spin cycle is correct. On Friday’s video, we had her spot treating her nipples with detergent, and, today, the follow-up gallery is titled, Laudry. Also, if you really pay attention to the sequence of these photos, you see her wash colors and whites together. It’s true!

Nikki starts off in a wifebeater and shorts. Then she takes them both off to place in the washing machine. So, she’s topless while they go through their cycle, before she puts on the shirt again.

But then, Nikki Sims makes herself wet over the sink! That freshly cleaned white cotton turning translucent and clinging right to her cleavage. So, of course, she goes topless again, but now her thong is also quite moist…and that has to come off, too!

I think Nikki Sims has found the perfect way to get out of chores. She just acts like she doesn’t know what she’s doing, then just ends up naked! Genius! I’m going to try this on my lady the next time I’m asked to bring down the dirty clothes hamper.

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