Kari Sweets: Scary Cemetery Ultimate Collection Video

Has the Cam Ghost gone back in time to fuck with Kari Sweets? While Stranger things have happened in October, it’s just Kari Sweets giving you the sexiest jumpscare since PewDiePie took on Five Nights at Freddy’s.

The newest video in her Ultimate Collection adds 7 never-seen minutes of footage of a bikini-clad Kari Sweets trying to raise the dead in a scary cemetery. This includes two slips! One, as Kari tries teasing her pussy, the untied bikini bottoms take an extra bounce that she wasn’t planning. The next slip has her acting even more deliberate. She flips the front of her thong down as the camera pans overhead giving you a glimpse of her smooth slit!
Kari Sweets: Scary Cemetery Ultimate Collection Video

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