Misty Gates: The Anal Zip Twitter Controversy

A battle is raging on Twitter, triggered by the latest release from Epic Zips starring Misty Gates, appropriately titled The Anal Zip. In one corner a defiant webmodel and her loyal fans; in the other, an anthropomorphic seal with more hang ups about human sexuality than one might assume.

Misty Gates, a camgirl who is becoming increasingly well-known for her remarkably round ass, chose a zipset as the vehicle to do her first ever anal toy scene. Not everyone was thrilled at the news.


Today Ms. Gates unexpectedly went into an ALL CAPS meltdown as she engaged a flurry of admonishing tweets over her choice to sodomize herself for sexual gratification. What pushed her buttons? “Eduardo the Seal” told her she’d disappointed him.

What starts as a moral lecture on the evils of anal quickly covers a lot of other ground, ranging from arguments about interspecies dating to the precautions taken (or not) to prevent ass bacteria from getting all over your clean dishes in the kitchen.

Stay tuned to NIPS as we follow this story! In the meantime…

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