Brooke Marks: Artoo

So, apparently there’s a new Star Wars movie coming out tomorrow? I had no idea! Just kidding. You can’t escape the power of the Darkside of Disney’s marketing machine. But, at least it finally got Brooke Marks playing with “toys” in her bed. No spoilers, but…they may not be the toys you are looking for! Unless, of course, you love seeing vintage Kenner figures taken out of their boxes.

There might actually be a fetish for that, but not for me. I’m on eBay every day checking out how much my graded and unpunched R2-D2 from 1978 is worth. I don’t want to see that Stormtrooper naked and unwrapped! She did what to an Imperial Guard!? Good thing I can just focus on Brooke’s sexy tight tanlined ass to relieve my collector’s anxiety!

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