Wild Brandi: First Spread, Toy, and Cum Video Zipset

wild-brandi-first-spread-toy-and-cum-video-zipset Brandi Olsen is a nude model, but there are still some parts of her that you haven’t seen. Special pink parts. She’s kept those sexy athletic legs closed tight, keeping that pussy hidden. That is until today! Today, she earns her “wild” moniker! She spreads wide for the first time on camera. Her flexibility will amaze you as she pulls her legs into a full split.

But this is an Epic Zipset, and you know how they do it! So, out comes a small pink vibrator for Brandi to use, and use again. Cumming twice before she’s done. So, first spread eagle, and first and second on-camera orgasms for Wild Brandi all included in one downloadable zipset! A 10-minute HD video and over 100 high-resolution pictures…Epic, indeed!

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