Sexy Pattycake: Easy Breezy III Limited Time Only Video

Spring is in the air again, so Pattycake released the grand finale of her Easy Breezy video series today! Click here if you need a refresher of part II. This is one of the most erotic videos I’ve seen her do to date!

Still using that yellow vibrating dildo from the last installment, Patty starts off squatting right down on it. Not wasting any time before bending over that wicker chair to feel it vibrate against her phat ass. Unable to take the sensitivity, she gets on her back, totally spread eagle, letting the toy take her over the edge. Her smooth throbbing pussy, not even able to be satisfied, she slides it inside herself. Thrusting in and out till she just fucking explodes and sucks off her sweet juices. And that isn’t even the end! Pattycake continues to masturbate topless using her fingers, furiously rubbing her still throbbing pussy just like you can see in the cinegif below! Pattycake really needed to get off!

This is a can’t miss video, but it’s also one of her infamous “Limited Time Only” videos, so if you want to see it you need to download it now before she pulls it from her site forever!

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