Sexy Pattycake: April’s Ooze Zipset Video

Pattycake just released her new premium zipset video today and it’s a doozy! Extra on the “OOZY”! She’s mixing two of her (and your?) favorite fetishes: cosplay and WAM (wet and messy). Somehow, she got her hands, and boobs, on the green mutagen that transformed four ordinary turles…well you know the rest. Except it only managed to transform Pattcake into a hot mess. I mean that literally: a hot horny teenage mutant ninja mess!

Watch this 24-minute video of her dumping ooze all over her sexy body. It slowly drips down her tits and soaks through her lace lingerie, making it so sheer her nipples show right through! She’s masturbating and loving every slimy minute!

I normally try to stay away from messy girls, but when it’s Pattycake O’Neil showing me her “secret of the ooze” while she rubs it into her smooth pussy, I get…I get the desire for a Hostess cream pie!

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