Bailey Knox: Bar Orgasm: Uncut Video

Dramatic Hitachi

Dramatic Hitachi

During some late night drinking shenanigans with her buddy, Bailey Knox decided to test out some of her new vibrators. That return policy from Amazon only lasts for so long. The first, a little pink number, runs out of juice right as Bailey is at her juiciest. She was not pleased!

But, the almighty Hitachi is up next, and it did not disappoint. With all its power, Bailey couldn’t even take it being pressed against her sensitive pussy. She tried to pull away from her friend, taking the Hitachi with her, but he would not let go. Forcing the massive vibrator against her clit as he restrains her ankle. After threats of wanting to use it on his nutsack, he does relinquish control…only to grab her boob. She is too distracted finishing herself off to notice.

This is one epic 30-minute forced orgasm video and NOT a zipset, you get it included with membership to her site! I can’t believe it! Bailey Knox at her best!

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