Sexy Pattycake: Frosted Cupcake Zip Video

It’s Cyber Monday and you know what that means? Second-rate electronics, that didn’t sell on Black Friday, at slightly marked-down prices? Well, yes! But it’s also the day Pattycake sets aside for her very special and extra nude zips!

Her latest — “Frosted Cupcake” — was just released today! An almost 20-minute video filmed with that higher resolution video camera she’s been using to shoot all her new content. Watch as Pattycake frosts her delicious round cupcakes and lets you see the cherries on top! That’s right, she finally lets you see those sweet nipples! And man, do they get hard in the shower! Good thing she also takes care of herself after getting so excited. Sliding and poking her fingers deep in her wet pussy while she’s on her knees with her ass facing the camera. She’s not the only one excited during that video! Wow!

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