Best NIPS of May 2013

Here are the five best posts of the month for May 2013

01 Nikki Sims appears twice on this month’s list. The number one post of this month, comes from her webcam show on May 6th. The hour long video is a recorded archive from her live show for her members, and has Miss Sims dangling her big boobs trying to shake off gobs of lotion from her nipples.

02 Gisele desperately attempts to cool off on a hot southern day, licking and sucking on a popsicle while she strips nude. She enjoys the cool hard treat against her lips, and I don’t just mean in her mouth.

03 U Got It! Flaunt It! pairs a busty redhead and brunette, Rosie and Kirstie (respectively), and takes them to a topless beach. Both very cute girls with big natural breasts!

04 Our second entry from Nikki Sims has her dancing topless on a table in an unzipped hoodie. Her big boobs jiggling so much that her nipples keep popping out as she moves. The most nip slips I’ve seen from a Nikki Sims video!

05 Alisa Kiss caps this month’s list in a skin tight dress that hugs her sexy curves. The dress has a secret map to the land of Mordor that Alisa must protect at all costs. She soon realizes the safest place for the map is to hide it, so she strips off the dress and lays around topless in a thong distracting all Orc raiders with her naked body.

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